About us


Prostor l.t.d. Ada company has been founded in 1989 as public company in design, urbanism and engineering. In 2007, after a process of privatization, the firm became privately owned. Ever since its foundation the firm marks continuous success due to constant investment in its staff, development of software systems and equipment, as well as great human efforts in meeting both market needs and the Clients. Through its lifespan the company has designed a large number of sophisticated projects of various buildings, from facilities (residential facilities, community facilities) through industrial buildings (production plants, warehouses, metalworking plants, ferrous metalwork foundries) to public institutions (hospitals, schools, gerantology centres), along with servicing work supervision on the same projects. The goals of the company include maintaining business reputation and keeping pace with continuous development of its services. The company employs a team of experienced engineering staff of all technical profiles, who successfully reach the goals and the needs of Clients, with high-graded emphasize on quality.